About Us

We Design for People First.

Vision Statement

To be an outstanding partner that designs building systems with a supportive mindset. We foster a collective of industry leaders in a solution-driven environment that encourages a culture of care and collaboration. By loving what we do and gravitating towards projects with purpose, we make things better for people. Utilizing our combined engineering and construction expertise, we offer a unique value to this industry.

About Our Founder

Leslie (Les) Stith founded Engineering Consultants, Inc. in 1976 as an electrical engineering consulting firm.  Years later, he grew the firm by adding mechanical engineers to provide one solution for mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services.  Having been raised in an electrical contracting family, Les has a unique background in both construction and electrical engineering.  This foundation of combining construction with engineering experience continues today as a daily practice for all our disciplines.  Les’ personal interest in forming genuine connections with people supports his life-long relationships with clients, contractors and employees.  The most notable characteristics our clients appreciate about Les are his dedication and commitment to providing solutions with a “no matter what it takes” approach.  Les values family time in his own life and continues to support the importance of family time in his employees’ lives.  Les’ work ethic and passion for teaching continue to inspire us and support our Vision of providing value to this industry.

Les Stith, PE

Founder & Chairman / Electrical Engineer

About Us

Here at Engineering Consultants, Inc., we care about you and the people who will come together in the buildings we design.  We take pride in listening carefully and providing solutions tailored to your unique goals.  Our commitment to professionalism and being a reliable partner is demonstrated by the relationships we form throughout our industry.  Our people are passionate about utilizing their engineering and construction experience to provide better solutions.  We look forward to helping you achieve your project goals and to showing you how “We Design for People First”.